Penumbra is an online text-based role-playing game. You'll create your own character with a unique appearance, strengths and weakneses, personality, background and skills.The game is played by interacting with other players and objects in a very interactive story-writing game.

This is a co-operative game where role-playing is required - you'll pretend to be your character, say and do the things that they would, if they were a real person. It's the ultimate choose-your-own-adventure story.



The theme of the game is a blend of futuristic, cyberpunk and post-apocalyptic survival. Players start out as colonists working for one of the megacorps, AQUADEi or Penumbra Corp. In addition to personal storylines, there will be numerous missions involving exploration, gathering intel, escorts, rescues, combat, resource retrieval and building/crafting new facilities and equipment.



We are currently in development and access to the game is limited - but if you're really interested, send an email to and let us know who you are and why you'd like to try out our game and we'll invite you to our Discord channel and let you create a character. You'll be able to test out RP with other early access players, help us test our systems and provide valuable feedback.