A post-apocalyptic, futuristic adventure RPG.

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In a future city, hovering far above a forsaken planet, you awaken in your cryostasis chamber. While your body acclimates to an active state, you are introduced to the crew that will accompany you on your first resource recovery mission. The journey dirtside is a dangerous one, but as an employee of either the scientific group, AQUADEi, or the militech giant, Penumbra Corp, you'll be well-equipped in a prefab colony on the inhospitable planet.



  • Immerse yourself in a persistent, interactive future dystopian environment with limited resources.
  • Face the elements in all their glory and survive the threats of hypothermia, dehydration, exhaustion, illness and starvation.
  • Embark on operations to recover valuable resources that require scientific, engineering, mechanical & social skills to succeed.
  • Conduct reconnaissance to gather intel, then decide on a strategy, and execute the plan to complete mission objectives.
  • Make decisions that impact the events of the game - then benefit from the rewards or endure the consequences.
  • Customise your appearance, skill sets and personality traits via the actions and decisions you make.
  • Influence social relationships with your crew, keeping them united against external forces.
  • Experience a compelling narrative with a rich narrative lore full of complex plots and characters.
  • Who lives and who dies will be determined by your leadership and choices.