A free game from us to you

While we’re busy working on validating the Avarice concept and finding an investor, we’ve launched a free text-based game, also known as a MUD (Multi User Dungeon). It’s an online role-playing game, similar to an interactive choose your own adventure game.

You’ll pick your character name, then a faction. For now, all players start out as Colonists.

We have a mission system and the first quest will help you learn some of the basic commands to get started.

The game takes place in ‘rooms’ that look like this:

When you type the word ‘out’ into the client, it will move you to the next room:

You can then ‘get coveralls’ and ‘wear coveralls’.

You can write a description for your character and interact with the world and other players.

Right now, we’re still setting up the starting area, but if you’re interested in being one of the first players, let us know by writing to hello@vanaheimstudios.com and we’ll help set you up 🙂

See you in game!

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