Concept Validation

One of the first stages in development is to come up with the game concept. During the Stockholm Kick Off, I did a bit of work on the narrative and the kind of experience that we want our players to have.

To do this, we’ve set up a series of Facebook adverts and we’re experimenting with target audiences and content to see how random strangers respond.

The next thing we’re trying to do is to validate the concept. We want to prove that people are interested in this kind of game before we invest a lot of time and effort in development.

We’re measuring a few metrics:

  • Impressions (total number of times the ad has been seen)
  • Reach (total number of individual people who have seen the ad)
  • Engagement (total number of times people have interacted with the advert in -any- manner)
  • CTR (click-through-rate – the number of times someone has clicked on the advert – specifically the ‘learn more’ button)

These are just to let us get a feel for:

  • How social media marketing works
  • Which target audience we resonate the most with
  • Which copy and images resonate the most with our audience

I’ve tested four different types of promotions/adverts – one was a website promo, the other was a boosted post, and the current campaign is about ‘Lead Generation’ in which we’re also counting how many people are interested enough in the game that they’ll sign up to our mailing list.

As part of the campaign, we’re doing a split A/B tests (where we test one ad on half the audience and another ad on the other and compare the results).

It was a simple slideshow using FB tools to line up a few of our concept images and text. The tools are very limited and in the future, I’ll probably use another video editing tool instead, but it was interesting to test out.

I’m still waiting on the results of the latest A/B test but the first promotion was pretty promising. We ended up with 2,280 impressions, 416 post engagements and 186 link clicks. That gives us a 18.24% engagement rate and 8.15% click-through-rate – which is very promising.

One of the revelations was that the first advertisements were only attracting men, which isn’t a big surprise to me considering we don’t have artwork that features character faces, or representing character diversity (yet) however this is something that is being worked on.

The new A/B campaign also reveals more about the game features and gives a hint at the emotional experience we intend to provide.

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